WATERINOX is a smart plug that screws on the plastic bottles in the aim to become a subsurface drip irrigation system. This solution waters the plants drop by drop, progressively. The water flow is around 300 ml/h and the capacity of the “watering can” is up to 20 litres. Therefore the plants can be watered around 3 days without any intervention neither energy consumption. The main advantages are:

blue labeled plastic bottles

– The amount of water can be fine-tuned;

– The evaporation is reduced;

– Great performance in arid fields;

– Important saving of water, electricity (water pump) and maintenance;

– In automatic mode, full control with the application.

water with consideration

manually at home

avoid wetting the floor due to over water

automatically in the garden / at the farm

manage your water consumption easily and remotely possible

Since spring 2021, WATERINOX has been deployed in the field in the aim to improve the final prototypes. Egypt is a relevant country for its windy and arid location and Switzerland is suitable to test the feasibilty of WATERINOX in cold weather in winter.

©2021 WATERINOX by Jean-Luc Marchina