Drink Water & Water Plants


Drink Water

Eco-friendly plug to reuse the plastic bottles

Carry your water bottle without effort

Save your pocket money by refill it again

Reduce the litter by not using plastic bags

Drink Water had been exhibited at Maker Faire Cairo 2021

Water Plants

Drip irrigation plug with integrated filters

< 2 drops/sec ; 0.7 l/h tol. 20%

Water drop by drop directly to the base of the plant

Reduce the litter by upcycling the plastic bottles

Conserve the natural resources

Manual mode at home

Stop wetting the floor due to over water

Enjoy the relaxing sound of water drops

Automatic mode in the garden / at the farm

Manage your water consumption easily and remotely possible

Reduce the cost of maintenance and your electricity bill (water pump)

Since spring 2021, WATERINOX has been deployed in the field in the aim to improve the final prototypes. Egypt is a relevant country for pilot projects because the present weather in nord Africa could be the forecast in Europe in the near future. 

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